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RE: Setup a CVS server under Windows XP

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Setup a CVS server under Windows XP
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 15:36:02 +1000

> yup, I think should use the CVSNT tool under Windows; 

Then if you have any questions contact the CVSNT newsgroup not the one
you just used:

> however I have no idea how to setup the server... 

Try asking on the above newsgroup.

Most of the problems users experience is they modify the settings.
CVSNT just usually works out of the box - simply define a repository and
that is it.  Other settings are for advanced users only.

> (and I've granted them with full access right to 
> the CVS temp directory already........ 

That would be known as fiddling with the settings.  Windows TEMP
(particularly on XP) Is very complex in it's permissions, the default
usually works provided you have not set "run as user" in the control

> I was thinking should I choose something else as it took 
> me 1 whole day setting up the CVS that's not working as 
> expected.

Or maybe if it is so critical to you to work so quickly you should:
A) ask questions on the correct newsgroup
B) pay for professional support


Arthur Barrett

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