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Re: Question on loginfo.

From: Spiro Trikaliotis
Subject: Re: Question on loginfo.
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 07:30:14 +0200
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looking through one blog I regularly visit, I found the following
problem description about CVS:

  The hell of CVS

  I.m a big CVS fan. Well, I was. Then, yesterday, I merged a very large
  set of changes associated with upgrading some parts of our build
  system from HEAD to our mainline stable branch.

  The first problem I had was the common one: I touched a lot of files
  across a long time, so the traditional tag-to-tag merge wouldn.t have
  worked. So I closed my eyes and held on tight and just let CVS
  re-merge everything. I ran cvs update to see what fun awaited me, and
  got a healthy but not overwhelming number of conflicts. A good many of
  them were the standard re-merge conflicts for which CVS is so
  (in)famous. OK, fine, resolved, committed.

  Then I went through and built it. Bang, build error. I fixed a few
  obvious merge bugs, and then I got to a file that was missing a change
  from HEAD. So: delete file, update to stable, merge from head. NO

  I updated to HEAD to be sure I wasn.t losing my mind. The build fix
  was there. Updated to stable again. Gone. Merge from head: nothing. I
  finally manually cvs diff.d the head revision (by number) with the
  stable revision (by number), and voila, out comes a diff! I grumble
  some more, output the diff to a patch, run the patch utility, and
  commit the change. Build works again. had it. It.s one thing to commit a Type II error by
  double-merging and conflicting - at least I know for sure what.s going
  on. But to fail to detect a change and falsely report the same - that
  is unacceptable and scares the hell out of me. been using CVS
  professionally for over a decade; at this point, I give myself credit
  for understanding the basics. If I.m doing something wrong, it.s

  So, I.m switching. This is ridiculous. I.m looking at (in probability
  order) SVK, Perforce, Subversion, and maybe darcs, arch, and
  (longshot) git. With a codebase our size, we need intelligent merging
  in a bad way, and perf is a concern. Anyone have any thoughts on any
  of these? Is SVK mature enough for serious commercial use? Or should I
  just bite the bullet and go to Perforce?

Has anyone experienced similar problems like the blogger, or can give
any help or advice?

BTW: I answered myself with:

  Just to be sure: Which version of CVS do you use? The .CVS Home.
  ( version, or the .CVSNT. version
  ( (Both on client and server) Which is the
  version number? (You might want to try .cvs version. for this)?

  Have you checked that this is not a known error in some older release
  of that software?

  I'll forward this link to the cvs-info mailing list. Perhaps, someone
  will come up with a valuable comment.

  - Spiro. 


Spiro R. Trikaliotis                               

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