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Re: Branches

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Branches
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:40:39 -0400
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>>>cvs rtag -r <OLD VERSION OF FILE> -F <BRANCH_TAG_NAME> <module/filename>
>>If there is a particular release point that the management wants
>>tweaked, then it is much simpler to branch from that release 
>>point. That
>>way, you won't have to back out any changes.
> That depends on the nature of the tweak.  If the tag represents a live
> production release, and the promotion is a bugfix, then a new branch is not
> appropriate imho, as an future releases will come off the main branch, not
> off this tag.  I suppose it depends on the quantity and duration of the
> bugfixes though :-)

That is precisely one case where I would strongly argue the opposite
case, in fact. If it is simply a bug fix to an existing release, then
the most appropriate course is to branch from the release, and put the
bug fix in both the branch and the main development. Don't follow the
Microsoft release model, where bug fixes get rolled in with new features
(which introduce new bugs, thus perpetuating the cycle).

>>[Please trim excess quotes in the future]
> What you and I consider excess could well be different.

The person I was directing that to had top-posted, and included several
previous messages in their entirety. I believe that is generally
considered "excessive." Also, quoting entire disclaimers and long
signatures is almost never necessary.

On the topic of which, please speak with the powers-that-be in your
organization, and point out to them that automatically appending such
disclaimers to each and every outgoing message, especially when the
recipient is a list, dilutes the meaning and effectiveness of the email.
I am not the addressee of the original message, so technically I should
not be answering.

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