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Re: Repository synchronization between two cvs server

From: Aaron Bono
Subject: Re: Repository synchronization between two cvs server
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 12:08:50 -0500

I agree whole heartedly with Arthur.  If you do not have a strong business need to replicate your CVS repository you should not do it.

We have a single CVS repository in our main location and have all remote developers connect via SSH tunnel to get through the firewall.  It works very nicely and is secure.


On 7/3/06, Arthur Barrett <address@hidden> wrote:

> Some users are working on cvs server1 for
> Project1. Other some users are working on
> cvs server2 at remote location for same
> Project(Project1).
> I need to merge (synchronised merging)
> between these two cvs server repositories
> without any data lose and end result to be
> one repository(project1) that should
> be same (mirrored copy) in both cvs server
> This process should be conducted in regular
> interwel.

This is a contentious topic.

CVS was designed for use on networks much slower than todays, and so
therefore operates well in a multi site environment without the need for
repository replication.

However there are some good business reasons for repository replication
and there are various tools to help you do that, eg: cvsup, rsync,
unison.  However none of these will give you specifically what you are
asking for.

CVSNT (free/GPL for Unix/Linux, Windows etc) supports in-built basic
repository replication and access control for free or you can contact
the company I work that wrote CVSNT to implement a more comprehensive
solution closer to what you have asked for.  There are many CVS
consultants who will implement multi site solutions for you in addition
to us listed here:

However let me stress - CVS does not require repository replication in
order to allow teams of people at multiple locations to efficiently use
the server.  Replication strategies should address a business
requirement (eg: disaster recovery) and be designed to address those
requirements and have a tangible cost/benefit.

The core requirement of your versioning system is NOT replication, so if
you do require support - in my opinion a solution from Ximbiot or March
Hare who have developed CVS/CVSNT for many years for the open source
community and have intimate knowledge and of the underlying foundations
will serve you best.


Arthur Barrett

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