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Re: "waiting for lock" -- but I don't want to wait!

From: Keith Thompson
Subject: Re: "waiting for lock" -- but I don't want to wait!
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2006 21:21:01 GMT
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address@hidden (Larry Jones) writes:
> Keith Thompson writes:
>> So, my question is, how can I invoke "cvs diff" (or "cvs whatever")
>> *without* having it wait for the lock?
> The global -n option ignores locks in addition to not modifying the
> disk.  Since diff doesn't modify the disk anyway, it still works the
> same.
> I'm pretty sure Derek implemented some timeouts in the feature branch,
> they may allow you to give up after waiting for the lock too long.

Thanks, that addresses the problem I was having.

I still think a global option to bail out (perhaps after a
configurable delay) rather than wait forever for a lock would be a
good idea.

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