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RE: CVS Repository RollBack...

From: Chris.Fouts
Subject: RE: CVS Repository RollBack...
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 21:52:34 +0200

Response from Larry on the same question...

You want to do a reverse merge to undo the changes and then commit.  To
do that, you'll need to (temporarily) tag the version you want -- I
suggest updating your directory (probably using a date/time) to the
state you want.  Once you've verified that it is, in fact, what you
want, tag it and do the reverse merge.  The sequence would be something

        cvs update -D yesterday
        cvs tag TEMP
        cvs update -j HEAD -j TEMP
        cvs commit -m'undo erroneous checkin'
        cvs tag -d TEMP

Note that if there is any possibility of anyone else having checked in
changes after your erroneous checkin, you should tag the files (with a
second temporary tag) before updating to the previous state and then use
that tag instead of HEAD in the merge to avoid undoing those other

-Larry Jones

They say winning isn't everything, and I've decided to take their word
for it. -- Calvin

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>Subject: CVS Repository RollBack...
>Hi guys...
>I am a CVS noob, usually just Commit and Update in a 
>developers group...
>Now we have a problem, a developer of us, committed few files 
>before having checked they were bug free, so, now we can not 
>update with such files from the repos as they would introduce 
>a lot of problems, and many of those bugs not easily 
>fixable... we decided then to Roll back all the repos files to 
>the latest useful committed files on the repos... we know the 
>date of the latest good commit we want to roll back to exclude 
>such files, to have the repository restored at the state it 
>was after such commit...
>However I checked on the net for infos about doing such a 
>task, but never found anything clear enough to make me sure I 
>will not create problems...
>could any1 explain me a little more or give me a link to a 
>clear documentation...?
>tnx for ur time...
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