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CVS Suite + SCCI is now available

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: CVS Suite + SCCI is now available
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 14:39:54 +1000

CVS Suite & CVS Suite Server 2.5.03 are now available

March Hare Software announce the release of CVS Suite & CVS Suite Server 2.5.03.

CVS Suite is available for Linux, HPUX, Solaris, Mac OS X and Windows from £85 
/ €122 / $154.

* New Visual Studio / SCCI integration (Windows)
* New Repository Replication (for hot standby server)
* Updated Workspace Manager (Windows) with:
  + import by drag and drop
  + manage access control (ACLs)
  + colour coded icons for text and binary files
  + open/open with... any file on the CVS server
* Updated WinMerge (Windows) with support for viewing differences in Microsoft 
Office files
* Updated Bugzilla integration adds support for:
  + email subscribers when bug updated
  + private comments
* Updated eBook with clearer documentation on
  + Bugzilla integration
  + Build Integration
  + Interfacing with CVS Server and COM
  + Using built-in email trigger
  + Using built-in checkout / shadow trigger
* Updated WinCVS (Windows) with the CVSNT Server Selector
* Security Updates (for zlib)
* Bug fixes
* Performance Improvements
* Audit support for DB2, MSSQL
* Improved backup utilities (windows: wait4cvs)

For more information please visit our web site:

Complex repository replication, CM process design, CVS Administration and User 
training and on site installation and upgrades are available from March Hare 
Software worldwide.  

North America:    1-800-653-1501 x803
UK/Europe:        0800 376 0404
Germany:          +49 171 747 6059
Spain:            +34 91 803 93 17
Australia:        1800 092 886

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