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CVS used by evil bot writing hacker types

From: Stuart Cooper
Subject: CVS used by evil bot writing hacker types
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 09:37:28 +1000

From slashdot and

The current generation of bot software has grown to the point where open-source
software development tools make a natural fit. With hundreds of source files
now being managed, developers of the Agobot family of malware, for
example, are using the open-source CVS (Concurrent Versions System)
software to manage their project.

slashdot comments:
1) If that's the best example they can come up with... Geezz, malware writers
probably eat cereal, too. Why not blame Kellogg's?

2) No, he really has a point here. Pass a law forcing Botnet developers
to use SourceSafe and you'll see Botnet development slow to a crawl.


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