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CVS for non-development environment

From: Eric
Subject: CVS for non-development environment
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 11:36:40 -0400
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        For development we have been using CVS (command line and tortoise) for
quite some time now.  For all the non-development stuff we share files
on a samba server.  One thing that samba does not address (and
shouldn't) is synchronizing files back and forth.  The first thing that
came to mind is if we had a user-friendly interface to CVS.
        Well, first i looked at microsoft's syncToy. It looked dangerous if
more then one user were to use it.
        So back to cvs again.  I really want to set up users with a
Samba/CVS/TrueCrypt setup.  There are a few problems remaining, which
i'm hoping someone else has found the answer for.

1. "Corporate" users cannot use Tortoise or WinCVS.  Is there a
corporate or non-developer interface to cvs?  I would rather not have to
build my own gui for this, but possibly might.

2. Most of the documents are word excel and powerpoint.  I think cvs
might get to big with everyone making changes to files.

3. In the case there is a conflict,  I can't picture the CEO using
vimdiff. Granted 90% of the files can't be diffed, but I still need a
way to handle these situations.

4. Would subversion be better for this type of setup, or is cvs they way
to go.

I'm sure i can't be the only one that wants to cvs here.  Unless there
are other alternatives.

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