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Update branch AND tag

From: Uri Shkolnik
Subject: Update branch AND tag
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 13:03:08 +0200


My problem -

I have a tag on the trunk ( lets call it TAG1 ), it's
NOT the trunk's tip.
I also have some files in a branch (lets call it

I would like to have in my send box all latest (tip)
from the branch (BRANCH1), and if not exist, I would
like to get them from the tag (TAG1)

I know that a command like
    cvs update -P -d -C -f -r BRANCH1
will retrieve all file exist on the BRNACH1 tip and
than from the Trunk tip, but that is not good, since I
would like to get from the Trunk the versions tagged
with TAG1..... 

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