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RE: Setting CVS Repository

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Setting CVS Repository
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 06:49:21 +1000


> I'm a newbie at CVS, 

Try and get a good book on the subject, eg: "Essential CVS", or the
march-hare eBook "All About CVS", or at least do a google search for
"cvs tutorial linux" and read one or three of those begore getting

> CVS w/ a live web source files.  

You are either going to need to do some (pretty basic) scripting to keep
the "web site" up to date, or you can switch to CVSNT (on Linux) which
has a plugin specifically for this.

> My webpage is set up at a directory such as /var/www/web.  

> I installed CVS on my Linux server and set the CVSROOT 
> environment variable to /var/www/web.  

The CVS repository is a different thing from your "web site".  Put your
repository in somewhere like /var/cvsrepo/myrepo.  You then need to
creatre script that "checks out" a copy of your web site to /var/www/web
after each "checkin" to the CVS repository.

As Mark Hamilton wrote two days ago:
If your users want an automatic update of a checked out copy, first read

this section of the manual:

and then this one:

Or if you use CVSNT:



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