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Re: Dis-allow Commit check for $id$

From: Matthew Rich
Subject: Re: Dis-allow Commit check for $id$
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 12:24:59 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for quick response.  
my commitinfo file does reference a script in the CVSROOT repository but there 
is no script present.
so there should be no check being done.
this is my commitinfo file:

usr /bin/true
DEFAULT /cvs/design_repository/CVSROOT/
The commit check file dose not exist.

So something else is forcing the check for the key word.  Any other place I 
might check?
Just as a test If I remove the DEFAULT  from commitinfo then no checks should 
be done correct? 


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Matthew Rich <address@hidden> writes:

> If the file was added with out the -ko switch
> being set, it still requires the $Id$ be present
> on commit.

That will be entirely up to how you are using your
CVSROOT/commitinfo trigger your administrator has
specified. It is not a part of the default cvs

> if I try cvs admin -ko filename and then I
> commit it still requires that the key word be
> present. If i do a cvs status it shows the
> sticky flag ko.

Okay. So, fix the scripts run by commitinfo to be
more reasonable.

> Do I need to remove the file and add it again?
> it there any way around this key work issue? Or
> am I stuck with having to edit the file after it
> is checked out to remove the key word.

Beat on your administrator to properly handle binary files.
CVS has no problems by default.

    -- Mark
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