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Re: update comment

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: update comment
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 03:09:42 -0700

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Marx <address@hidden> writes:

NEVER use a real domain name if you are going to
forge something stupid like your return address.
There are lots of free email accounts available
out there if you don't want to give your real
email address.

> Is it possible to update comment after commit?

Yes, it is an administrator function of the 'cvs admin' command.
Look at the '-m rev:msg' option.

> Jira has ability to use keyword written to commentary of file (JIRA ID) 
> to show group of changes and later to show differences provided by this 
> group
> Yes, I can commit again without file change, but then I will not be able 
> to see differences from previous revision - diff will show no changes 
> because changes are in previous revision
> I think Jira should use Tags or sth like this but it doesn't

I am given to understand that the Atlassian folks believe in Open Source
( Perhaps you can get them to either
fix Jira to work correctly or provide a framework for you and others
to contribute the changes to do the right thing to the world at large.

If this is not possible, perhaps selection of an open source product
would meet your needs.

Many folks have integrated both GNATS and BUGZILLA with CVS over the
years just to mention two projects that might be worth consideration.

Of course, GNATS and BUGZILLA are primarily bug tracking systems rather
than issue tracking systems.

Other open source issue trackers:

There are probably lots of others, have fun.

        -- Mark
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