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searching all code changes

From: bernd
Subject: searching all code changes
Date: 3 Aug 2006 08:23:28 -0700
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Hi Everybody,

i'm kind of lost with the following problem:

How can i grep for some pattern in all code changes commited to the
repository? (This is including all revisions regardless the branch they
are in.)

Maybe i miss something here, but i keep missing it for quite some time.
There is no problem in getting all checkin comments using "cvs log" and
using grep to find whatever i'm looking for. But i can't see how to do
the same for all code changes. Some special flag on "cvs diff" is what
i would have expected. The only way i can think of, is logging into my
repository server and greping the repository file directly.
Which isn't a solution in the strictest sense.

Oh and yes, i'd rather stick with the commandline interface.

Any ideas?


ps: Are there any cmdline search/query/find/grep extensions to cvs
arround? I'd love to have "cvs query file=somefile.c pattern='todo:'
index=code revision=0.3.*.* date>20060724".

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