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create a branch from a specific time

From: Diana Huang
Subject: create a branch from a specific time
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 17:06:51 +1000

Hi All,
How can I create a branch from a trunck at a specific time? For example, I got a project which was tested until yesterday morning (August 7,2006 9:00am). After that the checking code has not been tested yet. I need to create a branch which doesn't include codes after August 7,2006 9:00am.
I am thinking to use commands like this:
# check out codes which donesn't include committed codes after the time into a working directory
cvs co -D "August 7,2006 9:00am" myproject 
# go to the working directory
cd myproject
# create a new branch root tag
cvs tag 2006_08_07_9AM
# create a branch based on the current checked out revisions in the working copy
cvs tag -b -r 2006_08_07_9AM New_Branch_Name
Am I right here?
Thanks, Diana

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