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Re: Why check out elsewhere after import?

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: Why check out elsewhere after import?
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 13:21:41 -0700

On Aug 8, 2006, at 8:03 AM, Larry Jones wrote:

Chris writes [quoting the manual]:

   if you want to work with the sources import them first and then
   check them out into a different directory

But it's not clear to me why I'd do it in a _different_ directory. Why
can't I just check it out where I am?

Because the files alread exist where you are and CVS won't overwrite
existing files.  If you don't need the original source, you can delete
it and then checkout into where they used to be.

I will add to Larry's comments that CVS does not add its metadata to the import area, so none of the "usual" commands that one would use in their workspace will work in the import area. For example, if you use "cvs import", then change the source, "cvs commit" will fail.

To recover from this condition, you need to either re-import (probably not what you want, if you want your import branch to contain only pristine code drops from the vendor), or copy the changes to a workspace that was created by "cvs checkout".

It's easier to check out the sources in a new workspace before making any changes, because CVS will track the state of the files in the workspace. This will save you a lot of trouble after you've made changes.
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