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Re: Can I get CVS to tell me what I haven't merged yet?

From: Chris
Subject: Re: Can I get CVS to tell me what I haven't merged yet?
Date: 9 Aug 2006 04:47:23 -0700
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Aaron Bono wrote:
> On 7 Aug 2006 06:05:19 -0700, Chris <address@hidden> wrote:
> >
> > I have a project with 8-10 modules.  I branched it and made a bunch of
> > changes in a number of modules.  I think I've merged most of the
> > changes but I'd like a confirmation.  Is there some way that I can get
> > CVS to tell me what I haven't merged?  Or at least a way to tell me
> > what has changed on the branch so I have a checklist to work from?
> You may considering tagging both before and after the merge.  Since you did
> a branching, there should be a branch tag so you can do a diff between the
> tip and the tag.

What tip?  The tip of the trunk or the tip of the branch?  What I
really want is to know is any file where the _base_ of the branch is
not the same as the _tip_ of the branch.  Say I branched PROJ_1234 when
foo.c was 1.18 and bar.c was 1.12 then edited foo.c to make
I want a CVS command that'll list foo.c but not bar.c.  Alternatively,
where is PROJ1234's branch tag on a file with more than two places in
it's revision number.  I can describe what I want lots of ways but
don't know how to ask CVS the question.

> But if other users are checking in code, that may not be
> an accurate representation of your merge.

Not too complicated.  One other developer and I cooperating closely.

> I cannot remember if CVS automatically does any tagging when doing a merge
> but I don't think so.  Anyone else know?

Not in my experience.  TkCVS prompts you through adding soem tags it

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