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Re: Can I get CVS to tell me what I haven't merged yet?

From: Greg Philpott
Subject: Re: Can I get CVS to tell me what I haven't merged yet?
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2006 16:47:50 +0100
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Chris wrote:
What I really want is to know is any file where the _base_ of the branch is
not the same as the _tip_ of the branch.  Say I branched PROJ_1234 when
foo.c was 1.18 and bar.c was 1.12 then edited foo.c to make
I want a CVS command that'll list foo.c but not bar.c.
If you tagged the root of your branch PROJ_1234-root, then you can get what you want with this command:

cvs rdiff -s -r PROJ_1234-root -r PROJ_1234 .

- Greg.

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