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Re: Save und Revision Nr

From: sbata
Subject: Re: Save und Revision Nr
Date: 15 Aug 2006 15:05:04 -0700
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sorry for my language ;-)

sorry but i cannot explain why i want to do it ;-)
this is not an OpenSource Project.

we want to change any file that will be checked , just between the User
und the CVS-Server,

just after the User-commit and before the write on the CVS, we want to
change this File an than write it on the CVS.

i want to copie this File on my dir change it an thant commit it .

i dont know if that possible.

thanks for the time.

Mark E. Hamilton schrieb:

> sbata wrote:
> > hi *
> >
> > if a user checkin a file , i want to save this File on myhome dir , and
> > not on the CVS-server.
> Then why are you using CVS, and why is the user checking in a file? The
> purpose of CVS is to store the file, and all the subsequent changes made
> to it, on the CVS server. If you only want a copy in your home
> directory, you can just use cp to copy it there.
> > and i want to know the Revision number of this File ( must not be the
> > actual revision number).
> If you mean you want some version number assigned by your orginization,
> then that's up to you. Many CVS users encode their product's version
> number into a tag in some way, and then check the files out from that
> tag. That way the product version is associated with particular
> revisions of the files in a standard way. The 'actual revision number'
> is the only revision number that CVS knows about, cares about, or keeps
> track of. Anything else is up to you.
> I think you need to clarify exactly what it is you are trying to do and
> why, since it's not clear from your request.
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> Mark E. Hamilton
> Orion International Technologies, Inc.
> Sandia National Laboratory, NM.
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