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RE: Importing a directory structure

From: Koziel, Ryan
Subject: RE: Importing a directory structure
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 13:45:28 -0500


This link is for cvs 1.11.7 and some others,  but the command should be
the same. You may want to find a doc that corresponds to your version

When you do a cvs import of a project, all files at the same level and
below in the directory tree will be imported. If there are files in
there you would like to check-in later, remove/move them somewhere else
before doing the import.

Also, beware of binary files if you have any. You may want to 'cvs add'
them later as they require special options. Not sure if cvs import
determines that prior to importing and acts accordingly.


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Subject: Importing a directory structure

I have just installed CVS. I have created a repository. I want to import
the directory structure of my projects but NOT add any files at this
stage. I will use 'Add' to add them later. What command will achive

Many thanks,


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