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Re: Importing a directory structure

From: Andrew Chalk
Subject: Re: Importing a directory structure
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:12:30 GMT

To all:

Now, before I get too deeply into CVS: Should I stick with this thing? Go to 
Subversion or some other SC system?

Assume I'm a solo developer seeking version control, occasional 
collaboration, and web access.



"Mark E. Hamilton" <address@hidden> wrote in message 
> Andrew,
> Andrew Chalk wrote:
>> I have just installed CVS. I have created a repository. I want to import 
>> the directory structure of my projects but NOT add any files at this 
>> stage. I will use 'Add' to add them later. What command will achive this?
> Interestingly I'm doing a similar thing right now. Here's what I do to 
> avoid unnecessary copying. Note that I'm assuming here that your working 
> directory name has the same name you want the top-level directory in your 
> repository to have.
> 1. Create your top-level directory in the repository. (Some people call 
> this a project.) Doing it in an empty directory ensures that no extraneous 
> files or sub-directories get created
> mkdir temp
> cd temp
> cvs -d<repos> import -m 'New project' project_name a b
> 2. Check out the (empty) project into your existing working directory. 
> This shouldn't cause any conflicts, since the repository directory should 
> be empty.
> cd parent_of_project_name ; checkout -d<repos> checkout project_name
> 3. Create the directory hierarchy from your working directory. I'm 
> assuming here that working_directory is the same as top_level_dir.
> cd project_name
> find * -name CVS -prune -o -type d -exec cvs add {} \;
> All the files in your working directory should now show up as unknown 
> ('?'). You can 'cvs add' them (or not) when you are ready to commit them.
> -- 
> ----------------
> Mark E. Hamilton
> Orion International Technologies, Inc.
> Sandia National Laboratory, NM.
> 505-844-7666

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