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history format

From: Mansour
Subject: history format
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 21:20:00 -0300
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Hi : every body, I am starting with CVS, but I am having few issues, and confussion.
The first issue is to understand the output lines of history command:
What are all these fields ?? I know the time the user, but why the +0000 and why the module name twice??
O 2006-08-17 13:51 +0000 user module1       =module1=       <remote>/*

The other issues. I started develping a project. However, once I get to a working state of the project I do and update "ONLY", to prevent from any mistakes in the future. Is there a way to go and retrieve these working states ??? Let's say I was able to get one of these states, How can I remotely tag it ?? Can any one help please ?? Any advice will be appreciated about how to achieve this easily the next time. I mean, If I want to save few changes, it doesn't make scence to do a release, so may be I will have to tag the files. Now are they taged automatically by date??


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