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RE: about "hidden" \.CVS folders

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: about "hidden" \.CVS folders
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 06:53:35 +1000


> As I use WINCVS system, 

There is a separate support group for wincvs, see for more

WinCVS also includes CVSNT - which again has a different support group,

> Now, if I'd like to have version control  
> for myself on a network drive that other 
> people can modify as well,  

Primarily CVS users work on their own local drive.  There can be
technical problems as well as process problems (such as the one you
described) with working on a shared drive.  CVSNT does include support
for "usernameless" connection strings (CVSROOT) so that several people
can share a sndbox on a network drive, but this is a little more
complex, and I'm not sure you have the basics yet.

I strongly suggest you contact the newsgroup, and search for
some beginners documentation.



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