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RE: Blocking "cvs remove" command.

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Blocking "cvs remove" command.
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 16:32:32 +1000


> I would like to deny all "cvs remove" requests 

The short answer is no.

However this is possibly more complex that you think.

In CVS "remmove" does not actuall contact the server - it is akin to
making a change on a file (again no need to contact the server).  It is
only when the developer chooses to commit that change to the server that
anything actually happens.

Now that commit could include add/remove (rename) and changes (including
removing the entire contents of a file).  Rename is particularly tricky
since in CVS it requires a remove and an add together.

So I suspect that you really want to either:
1) control who is able to "modify" a file - and use "reserved" rather
than "unreserved" methods
2) perform some analytics on commit (check the file is not empty etc)

CVSNT (free/GPL/Linux/Unix/Windows etc) has in built ACLs and support
for reserved and unreserved methods and many triggers such as PreCommand
and PreCommit that will allow you do design a system to do this.  There
is a separate newsgroup for CVSNT if you decide to go that route.

Different versions of CVS have some of these features, or scripts such
as the acl script in the contrib directory may be of some help.

However it is generally more common to trust your developers and allow
them to make any sort of change on a "development" branch (usually the
trunk) and code review and sanity check before "promoting" to


Arthur Barrett
CVSNT - Enterprise Versioning
Windows, HPUX, Solaris, Linux, OS/400

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