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RE: pserver over ssh with no password to provide

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: pserver over ssh with no password to provide
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 06:50:08 +1000


> This application must use 100% java libraries. 

Noone on the CVS or CVSNT teams is a Java programmer (to my best
knowledge anyway), and it is a frequent frustration (for at least some
of us) that Java programmers don't simply shell out to the CVS or CVSNT
executable.  CVS runs on almost every operating system that exists -
runs natively that is.  But I know Java programmers like Java.  The
problem is that the java libraries rarely support all the latest
features of CVS, eg: proxies, access control, change sets and much more
- limiting the usefulness of any application that uses them.

> I can access the repository using 
> cvs.exe with the setting of 
> CVS_RSH="C:\program files\TortoiseCVS\TortoisePlink.exe" 
> -i "C:\mykey.ppk" CVSROOT=:ext:address@hidden:/var/lib/cvs
> and I don't have to set any 
> password in CVSROOT, I would like to 
> reproduce it in my program.

That is TortoiseCVS and CVSNT which are both NOT a part of this
newsgroup, if you are interested in TortoiseCVS go to the tortoisecvs
newsgroup, ditto with cvsnt.

> In my java program I use a pserver 
> connection over a SSH tunnel, but 
> I still need to provide the password 
> for CVS connection, which is 
> not acceptable for this program.

SSH authentication can use keys instead of a password (provided the key
is registered with the server and client), youd be better off asking an
SSH or Java programming group I suspect.

CVSNT (free/GPL just like CVS, runs oon Linux, Unix, Windows etc) has
what is known as a CVSGUI protocol which is designed so that a GUI can
"call" cvs and if there is a need to prompt a user for a password, key
or anything else there are special "tokens" that can be interpreted by
the caller to present the messages.  This is the better approach IMHO.


Arthur Barrett

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