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Access problems with WinCVS-clients, when repository is installed on LAN

From: ernhemreg
Subject: Access problems with WinCVS-clients, when repository is installed on LAN drive
Date: 31 Aug 2006 05:45:46 -0700
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I'd like to establish a repository on a local network drive. In my
first try importing modules to the net drive I used the CVSROOT
:local:G:\CVS. Then the error message

cvs [log aborted]: Local access to network share not supported (Use -N
to override this error).

came up. Neither in the options nor in the online manual of the
WinCVS-Client I found anything about activating this -N option by
default via the GUI. So I decided to use the :fork:-protocol. I was
able to import my modules error free into the repository placed on the
net drive G:\.

Unfortunately, when checking out, updating or committing I get the
following error statements (examples):

a) with fork-protocol:
>cvs -w -d :fork:G:\CVS checkout -P -- TTPowerPlant
cvs server: connect to failed: Es konnte
keine Verbindung hergestellt werden, da der Zielcomputer die Verbindung
verweigerte. (translated: unable to establish connection, target
computer denies the connection)

b) with local-protocol:
I get the 1st above mentioned error message, that I should use -N

The error advice to use the -N command-option helps to solve the
problem, that's good. But the bad thing is that I can only achieve it
using the command line. I'd like (and all the others developers here in
the LAN) like to use the WinCVS-client. So my question is:

How can do all the accessing command on the repository on the local
network drive using the WinCVS-client, without having this mentioned

Thanks for your help

System description:
WinCVS Version (Build 4)
CVSNT Version (Aug 19 2004)
Repository established on LAN drive
OS: WinXP Prof.
Python 2.4.3 (#69, Apr 11 2006, 15:32:42)

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