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Re: binary file (kb) option

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: binary file (kb) option
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 15:09:08 -0400 (EDT)

Koziel, Ryan writes:
> I have an issue where proC file was add to a cvs project with the -kb
> options, telling CVS that the file is binary - when in fact the file is
> ascii. While this is not a major issue, it does cause each version of
> the file to be saved completely in the repository as opposed to just the
> diffs, and developers are unable to do a 'cvs annotate' on this file as
> well as some other commands.
> Question: Is there a way to remove those sticky options on that file,
> and retain the history? Basically undo what was done...

Sort of.  First of all, note that -kb does *not* cause each version to
be stored separately in the repository -- CVS still saves diffs.  What
-kb does do, however, is disable line ending conversions.  So, you can
remove the -kb in the repository by doing ``cvs admin -kkv file'' and
then remove it in any working directories by doing ``cvs up -A file'',
but you may get screwed up line endings.  In particular, if the files
were committed in DOS/Windows format, the <CR> will be stored in the
repository as data rather than part of the line ending, so the files in
your working directory will end up with lines ending in <CR><CR><LF>
since the first <CR> is part of the line and the second <CR> is part of
the line ending.  In that case, you'll probably want to keep a copy of
the file with the correct line endings before doing the ``cvs update
-A'' and then commit it again afterwards to clean up the line endings in
the repository.

-Larry Jones

If I get a bad grade, it'll be YOUR fault for not doing the work for me!
-- Calvin

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