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cvs checkout failure messages

From: Grant Schoep
Subject: cvs checkout failure messages
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 00:07:16 -0600

Ok, so I often work from home. Happily all work I do is ran under Linux so I am running Fedora at home so I can go. Anyways, cvs broke for me. I had been running Fedora 4, and then reinstalled Fedora 5 recently, with that said, all cvs broke. I've never seen this error before. Any clues from others as to what is happening? By the way, I removed my .cvsrc, and we just use rsh for cvs...
My local CVSROOT is set to
:ext:address@hidden:/home/cvs-repository Ok, its not bingo or heck, I just changed that for security reasons.

Remote CVS root, on above mentioned heck is just the absolute path. i.e. /home/cvs-repository On both accounts there is NO .cvsrc So this is the error(this if after issuing a "cvs co xxx". The lines that start with -- are my begin/end messages not from CVS.
--begin error---
cvs [checkout aborted]: Server sent invalid file size `E cvs server: Couldn't open rcsinfo template file /usr/local/cvs-repository/CVSROOT/rcsinfo.template: No such file or directory'
address@hidden>5% cvs [checkout aborted]: received broken pipe signal
--end error message--- So whats this broken pipe. Why does it show /usr/local? Neither system has that there. This worked while I was using Fedora 4, but now fails with Fedora 5. Any ideas? Thanks.

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