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RE: File group attribute after cvs tagging (for users belongs to two gro

From: he yu
Subject: RE: File group attribute after cvs tagging (for users belongs to two groups)
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 10:34:12 +0800

Hi, Kevin,

Thanks for your reply.

How about if I would like to make this happen automatically when every time after tagging?

For not every users to this cvs server have the priviledge to logon to the UNIX machins to change the group for the modules.

Thanks in advance.


From: "Bulgrien, Kevin" <address@hidden>
To: 'he yu' <address@hidden>, "'address@hidden'"
Subject: RE: File group attribute after cvs tagging (for users belongs to
two groups)
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:46:28 -0400

> A user's primary is a, and he is also added to the group b in UNIX > system.
> Here's a CVS project A with group attribute a and CVS project B with > group attribute b.
> This person works in both projects. When he make tag in project B, > his primary group a is applied to all the files he has tagged in
> project B so
> that cause problem for the other person works in project B.
> How could I resolve this problem?

In the CVS repository, modify the permissions of the directories
(modules) and all files and directories under that module directory. The repository directory permissions can be used to control the group ownership of files in the directory. You will have to set the group ownership of the project directories in the repository and they have to be SetGID so that newly created files are created with the same group permissions as the directory they are created in.

For example:

  chgrp -R b /path/to/repository/module
  chmod g+s /path/to/repository/module

If the project contains subdirectories, you will need to change the group permissions of each subdirectory. The following is an example.

  for dir in $(find /path/to/repository/module -type d)
    chmod g+s "${dir}"

The above assumes that the entire project (module) has the same group permissions. Of course, you can customize each module or submodule as needed. Do the same with the a project, but make the directories owned by the group a instead of b.

Kevin R. Bulgrien
Design and Development Engineer


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