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RE: File group attribute after cvs tagging (for users belongs to two gr

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: File group attribute after cvs tagging (for users belongs to two groups)
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 09:09:27 -0400

> -----Original Message-----
> I would like to know if you can set the permissions whenever 
> a file is added to the repository.  Right now I have CVS set 
> up so every user operation runs under the user 'cvs'.  I 
> found that if I let it run as the user who is adding/checking 
> in a file it sets the file ownership to their account and 
> then other developers could not make changes. 

It is possible using a loginfo hook script though this sort of
thing will take some work especially if you use 1.11.x and your
users cannot be convinced to avoid spaces in directory/file names.
There may other hook scripts that could be used for this also, but
a working implementation I know if uses loginfo.

In essence:

CVSROOT/loginfo contains something like:

  ALL /path/to/cvs/scripts/ %{sVv}

The is called with the following command-line parameters

  module file1,oldversion,newversion file2,oldversion,newversion ...

When first adding a module, the parameter format may be different:

  module - New directory

To change permissions, just write a script that will detect when the
revision number of a file is 1.1 and when modules are first added.

The script runs as the user doing the commit.  As I said before it
will get hairy if spaces are used in file and directory names.  I
am told that 1.12.x strains of CVS may be easier to work with if
this cannot be avoided (See UseNewInfoFmtStrings).

Kevin R. Bulgrien
Design and Development Engineer


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