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Help Pls - CVS & SSPI

From: Paul Levin
Subject: Help Pls - CVS & SSPI
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 15:50:02 -0400
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    We recently configured a CVS server to use SSPI.  It is working fine with WinCVS.  I have a workspace setup and WinCVS has established CVS subdirectories, containing root files, like normal.

    However we also need the ability to initial CVS commands from a program.

    In the past, with an SSH configured CVS server, I have used the cvs.exe command to initiate CVS commands.  The cvs.exe that I have is reporting that it is version 1.11.  I also got my hands on a cvs.exe that reported 1.11.5.  Both of these do not like the root file in the workspace.  They say 'sspi' in CVSROOT is an unknown method.

    Is it possible to get cvs.exe to work with SSPI, or is there some other command line program I can use?



Paul Levin
AMS Connectivity Services

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