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How do I diff from 'add' to rev 1.1?

From: ishoej
Subject: How do I diff from 'add' to rev 1.1?
Date: 20 Sep 2006 01:26:51 -0700
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I've created a little python script to produce patches from log
messages - i.e.:
patchmaker "Bug 123"

But it breaks down when the revision is the very first revision.
Usually it makes diffs like this:
cmd = "cvs -q diff -u -r %s -r %s %s" % (self.prevrev, self.rev, fobj)

cvs -q diff -u -r -r somefile

But there's no previous rev to the first rev - and you can't do
cvs -q diff -u -r 0 -r 1.1 somefile

Help appreciated!


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