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cvs (command line client) starting, but not completing on my XP Pro lapt

From: Raye Raskin
Subject: cvs (command line client) starting, but not completing on my XP Pro laptop
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 12:24:21 -0700

Hi.  This is a problem with my particular laptop.  Any ideas how to debug and 
fix this? 

When I do a cvs checkout, it starts just fine and then quits in the middle. 

If I go to another pc, I can do the checkout just fine.  Just my pc. 

My ssh and cvs work fine, other than this. Running the latest versions of each 
under cygwin. 

I have successfully checked out the entire mozilla tree from my pc from their 
site with no problems. 

My in-house cvs server is 1.11.17 on FreeBSD. 

Here is an example:

C:\>cvs co test
cvs checkout: Updating test
cvs checkout: Updating test/proj1
cvs checkout: Updating test/proj1/microserver
cvs checkout: Updating test/proj1/microserver/Proj1
Disconnecting: Timeout, server not responding.
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/Config.cpp
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/Config.h
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/Proj1.cpp
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/Proj1.h
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/Proj1.sln
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/ImageThread.cpp
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/ImageThread.h
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/LocalThread.cpp
U test/proj1/microserver/Proj1/LocalThread.h
cvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

To me, this must be a pc configuration issue of some sort. 

Any ideas? Need more info? 


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