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Extracting patches based on log messages

From: Holger
Subject: Extracting patches based on log messages
Date: 25 Sep 2006 02:10:10 -0700
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I need a tool for extracting patches based on log messages. I.e. we
mark our fixes and features with a "Bugdb XYZ". And sometimes you need
to move a fix/feature to another branch or maybe
you just want to inspect exactly what changes were related to a
specific bugdb issue.

Now, I've made my own python tool to do just that, but I've also
searched hi and low to find out if someone has made a similar (and
perhaps much better) tool, and I now it's out there somewhere bleeding
obvious - can't imagine I'm the first to have this thought. I just
haven't been able to find it...

Help appreciated  :-)


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