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Re: US DST change and CVS

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: US DST change and CVS
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 10:12:55 -0700

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Marco Lavoie <address@hidden> writes:

> I have a question regarding CVS server/client and the US DST change in
> 2007.
> Do you know if there are known issues with CVS server/client regarding
> the DST change in 2007 ?

I do not know of any known issues with CVS regarding any changes of
timezone. You have the sources to CVS and you have test machines. Set
the time forward into 2007 on a few machines and see what happens. If
you notice any bugs, please feel free to open a bug report.

> I know the time is keep in UTC time on the server, but I'm wondering
> if the clients may have problems (even if the appropriate OS patch is
> installed on the client's machine).

The clients could have problems if they choose to set the time
incorrectly rather than patch the OS of the client.

> I'm using CVS version 1.11.21 (server). The clients may be using older
> versions.

We generally suggest that you update to the latest revision of CVS on
the server to avoid security and other bugs impacting your repository.
The latest release is 1.11.22 at the present time.

> I need an answer with something that can convince my project manager
> that CVS won't have problem ;)

This one is easy. If you convert all servers and clients to use the UTC
timezone, then you will not be impacted by how your hosts choose to
display the time based on daylight savings time.

Why should anyone care what time is used on a computer as long anyway?
We live in a global village and getting used to UTC time would benefit
everyone and save a lot of hassles when communicating times to other
offices and organizations around the world. 1/2 :-)

        -- Mark

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