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Re: CVS with Mac and PC

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: CVS with Mac and PC
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 01:35:11 -0700

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address@hidden writes:

> can anyone offer any advice on different options when wanting to have
> Mac and PC clients share a common repository without running a CVS
> server? 

Both CVS and CVSNT will run stand-alone on both Mac and PC hosts.
However, sharing a network filesystem is not recommended for writes of
any kind by either CVS or CVSNT.

The best way to do things is to run client/server mode. The MacOS X host
may use either CVS or CVSNT as the server and either of them as the

A windows host may run either CVS or CVSNT client, but only CVSNT works
as a server on windows.

> We use Xcode on the Mac and have multiple users access a
> repository on a networked Mac server (only by local network access with
> no login or passwords). The repository is not running through a server,
> it's just a folder on the Mac server that we access. 

This is risky and has a high probability of running into repository
corruption problems. There is a script called contrib/
available in on the project which I suggest you
fetch and run on your repository.

> We would like to start using CVS with our PC's (currently use
> sourcesafe), but all solutions for the PC seem to be geared around
> wanting to run CVSNT on a PC server. 

Well, you could run a CVSNT server on any windows or UNIX or GNU/Linux
box and other than windows, the CVS server will run on any where that a
CVSNT server will run.

> We are looking at non-cvs-server options if possible as we would like
> to keep our repository on the Mac server (as it is now) but also
> access it via PC clients. When trying to access remote repositories
> from a PC (WinCVS, etc.) without running CVSNT (etc.) we get all the
> "Local access to network share not supported, use -N option" stuff.
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mark.

You are asking for a world of hurt if you try to run CVS or CVSNT
while mounting a filesystem over your LAN.

I would suggest that you use the Mac server as a client/server box and
have the CVS or CVSNT or WinCVS clients use the :ext: method (either
using rsh or ssh) to the Mac server.

        -- Mark

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