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delete the history of a file

From: FD
Subject: delete the history of a file
Date: 28 Sep 2006 03:45:53 -0700
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My problem is:
I have a file stored in a CVS repository whit version number 1.2
if I update the file with a new version without -r1.3 parameter (I'm
forgot the parameter), cvs archive the file with number release 2.1.
Now I want delete the file completly with
cvs remove "myfilename"
cvs commit "myfilename"

I remove the file "myfilename",v too

When I want add a file with name "myfilename" the first version number
is 2.2

How can reset ne version number to 1.1?
Where is stored the last number version of  "myfilename"?
thank's for the support

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