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Re: how to create a cvs administrator?

From: Aaron Bono
Subject: Re: how to create a cvs administrator?
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 09:32:37 -0500

On 29 Sep 2006 02:46:16 -0700, address@hidden <address@hidden> wrote:
i just studied cvs for a few days.And i create a cvs server in
redhat.Today i learned to turn the feature
of watch on.First i checkout the CVSROOT from repository,that is in the
/usr/local/newrepos.But after i made some change in file notify and
wanted to commit it.It told me root is not allowed to commit.
the administrator of cvs have the right to make some changes.but i
don't know which user is the administrator of the cvs in my redhat.The
repository is belong to root,and i have added root to the group of
cvs.and root din't in the file named readers.
so,which user is the administrasor of cvs,or i should ask how can i
create a cvs administrator.

The permissions it is talking about are probably the CVS permissions, not your file system permissions.

Are you using a passwd file in the CVSROOT?
How are you connecting to cvs (pserver, ext, ...)?
What is the exact error that you are getting?

   Aaron Bono
   Aranya Software Technologies, Inc.
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