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Re: how to create a cvs administrator?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: how to create a cvs administrator?
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 09:57:20 -0700

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address@hidden <address@hidden> writes:

> i just studied cvs for a few days.And i create a cvs server in
> redhat.Today i learned to turn the feature
> of watch on.First i checkout the CVSROOT from repository,that is in the
> /usr/local/newrepos.But after i made some change in file notify and
> wanted to commit it.It told me root is not allowed to commit.
> the administrator of cvs have the right to make some changes.but i
> don't know which user is the administrator of the cvs in my redhat.The
> repository is belong to root,and i have added root to the group of
> cvs.and root din't in the file named readers.
> so,which user is the administrasor of cvs,or i should ask how can i
> create a cvs administrator.
> please tell me,thanks a lot

The user 'root' is indeed forbidden from making commits to the
repository. This is by design. It may never be the cvs administrator.

If you configured CVS yourself and used all of the defaults, then you
will have used a default --with-cvs-admin-group='cvsadmin' which means
that if this groups exists on your system (consult with /etc/groups),
any member of that group will be a cvs administrator. If no such group
exists, then any user is a cvs administrator.

If you are using the :pserver: method, then you should be using a
non-root user like 'cvs' (which you may need to create on your system)
in your CVSROOT/passwd file to be the user that actually runs the
commands. The ability of your users to perform cvs operations will
depend on this user's ability to read and write files in the repository.
It is typically a good idea for you to select a user who is NOT this
'cvs' user to be the cvs administrator in a :pserver: environment.

If you are using :local: or :ext: as the methods, then cvs access to the
repository will be governed by a user's ability to read and write files
in the repository.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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