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Re: how to create a cvs administrator?

From: address@hidden
Subject: Re: how to create a cvs administrator?
Date: 30 Sep 2006 00:09:40 -0700
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Mark D. Baushke 写道:

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> address@hidden <address@hidden> writes:
> > i just studied cvs for a few days.And i create a cvs server in
> > redhat.Today i learned to turn the feature
> > of watch on.First i checkout the CVSROOT from repository,that is in the
> > /usr/local/newrepos.But after i made some change in file notify and
> > wanted to commit it.It told me root is not allowed to commit.
> > the administrator of cvs have the right to make some changes.but i
> > don't know which user is the administrator of the cvs in my redhat.The
> > repository is belong to root,and i have added root to the group of
> > cvs.and root din't in the file named readers.
> > so,which user is the administrasor of cvs,or i should ask how can i
> > create a cvs administrator.
> > please tell me,thanks a lot
> The user 'root' is indeed forbidden from making commits to the
> repository. This is by design. It may never be the cvs administrator.
> If you configured CVS yourself and used all of the defaults, then you
> will have used a default --with-cvs-admin-group='cvsadmin' which means
> that if this groups exists on your system (consult with /etc/groups),
> any member of that group will be a cvs administrator. If no such group
> exists, then any user is a cvs administrator.
> If you are using the :pserver: method, then you should be using a
> non-root user like 'cvs' (which you may need to create on your system)
> in your CVSROOT/passwd file to be the user that actually runs the
> commands. The ability of your users to perform cvs operations will
> depend on this user's ability to read and write files in the repository.
> It is typically a good idea for you to select a user who is NOT this
> 'cvs' user to be the cvs administrator in a :pserver: environment.
> If you are using :local: or :ext: as the methods, then cvs access to the
> repository will be governed by a user's ability to read and write files
> in the repository.
>       Good luck,
>       -- Mark
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I followed your advice and made the feature of watch work
At the beginning,because redhat has installed a rpm for me, i just used
didn't configure CVS myself.I created a file named passwd,but just add
a user
 named anonymous,and used root to do some test about what i have
So,the problem appeared.Now,i followed your advice and add another
Using it to modify the file named notify and users,then commit it.
Now everything woks ok for me.
Thanks a lot,Mark

 Good luck.


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