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Re-assigning Head...

From: Stanley Shivell
Subject: Re-assigning Head...
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 15:11:28 -0400

Is there anyway to "Re-assign" the Head of tree in a repository.   For Example:   Say we just spent 3 years developing code on head and making branches here and there off of head... and then all of a sudden... we decided that we want to move the "Head" of tree onto a Production Release branch  that is a branch off of a branch off of a branch   from like 3 years ago.
Is there anyway to do this? (and before I get flamed for this question. I'm pretty sure it's not really possible... but  Project Management wants me to "research" it anyway.)   I checked google /clusty and haven't really been able to find any information along that line So here I am!..
I guess for a follow up question.
Is there a way to take the code from a branch in CVS and create a new module based on that branch (having that be the head of the module) but still retain the history of the files from the previous repository?
fwiw, the CVS Server is Redhat 7.3    CVS is apparently at Version 1.11.1p1

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