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CVSNT not visible on MS Server 2003

From: jason . gardiner
Subject: CVSNT not visible on MS Server 2003
Date: 4 Oct 2006 09:39:25 -0700
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I have been having terrible difficulties getting remote access to the
CVSNT system.
Locally things work fine - using :local with WinCVS.
The problems start with using other protocols.

The ports are visible within our intranet and ping successfully both on
the server and client machines.

>From the web site
I have tried the testing from Section 4.7. Testing the CVS
Set CVSROOT=:sspi:ICCMDev02:/Test
cvs ls -l -R
Which returns:
Error connecting to host ICCMDev02: No such host is known.
This is repeated on client machines.

I have assessed the settings on the server. LockServer listens locally
only is off.
There are no firewalls running for this test.
Our DNS is set to find ICCMDev02 on our local IP

It would seem that the service is not visible but is clearly running.

Any suggestions?


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