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cvs rdiff question

From: Stanley Shivell
Subject: cvs rdiff question
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 16:00:23 -0400

Does cvs rdiff support the -kk tag? (Kill Keywords / Ignore Keywords)

For instance 

cvs rdiff -r branch1 -r branch2 module     gives me a lot of diffs from lines like   * @Last Change $Id

i suspect that the -kk option would turn that off.... (as it does when merging). 

  The reason why I ask... in theory if it does ignore keywords then I should get Zero output from the diff. The branches in theory are identical. As it turns out I am getting zero output from the diff with the -kk option and I just want to be sure that the zero output is from it doing what I think it  should be doing and not just crapping out on me. 

 Also... I find that from time to time when executing merges... if I don't throw in the -kk option it will conflict from time to time where CVS Keywords are used.....    and if I use the -kk option it completely kills my binary files which are in the tree.  Anyway to get my cake and eat it too? Happy binaries and no keyword conflicts?



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