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How do I import some specific files?

From: gottoomanyaccounts
Subject: How do I import some specific files?
Date: 4 Oct 2006 19:16:46 -0700
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Hi All -

It seemed to me that with import, you just import all the files that
under a certain directory to a certain directory in your CVSROOT

That is, for example, I am under directory foo that has a couple of
files a, b, c, ...etc
$cd foo
  a  b  c
$cvs import -m "imported source" foo foo start

This will import all files (a, b, c) to a subdirectory foo in CVSROOT.

What if I just want to import file a to the repository? All the
exmaples about "import" I have seem only apply to the whole current
directory, instead of some files that we specify. Is there a command
$cvs import      /path/to/files/I/want

What I intended to do was import .vimrc file to a certain place in
CVSROOT. The file .vimrc lies in my home directory. If I use the above
command, it's gonna import everthing in my home directory....

Any help would be appreciated.

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