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add a file without write perms on the repository

From: Jeremie Le Hen
Subject: add a file without write perms on the repository
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 14:59:31 +0200
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Hi there,

I am often working with CVS of various open-source projects on which
I only have a read-only repository access.

Sometimes, I want to write a patch that needs to create a new file in
the project source tree.  I am naturally expecting to be able to
generate the patch with the following command:
% cvs diff -upN

Unfortunately, for -N to work the file has to be added to the project
with the "cvs add" command which requires write permissions.

I found a workaround for this.  I simply modify CVS/Entries manually
and add the following line (for protector.c, for instance):

% /protector.c/0/Initial protector.c//

Is there any way to achieve this, without hacking CVS/Entries manually ?
If not, is it acceptable to add a new option to the "add" command to
achieve this target ?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Jeremie Le Hen
< jeremie at le-hen dot org >< ttz at chchile dot org >

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