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creating sub branch

From: Kesavan T.S
Subject: creating sub branch
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 00:14:11 -0400

Hi ,
I created branch1 from HEAD
cvs -rtag -b version_2 mymodule
then I create
cvs rtag -r version_2  -b version_2-1 mymodule

When I started committing my changes in version_2 and version_2-1 I see in wincvs both these branches show as rooted as head (when I do graph). But after creating branch version_2 if I commit files and then create version_2-1 then the branch version_2-1 shows rooted under version_2. Is it a better practice to force commit all files after creating a branch before creating another branch.

Related question given a branch is there a command to show the sub branches rooted from it.

Thanks and Regards,

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