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moved cvs tag still contains deleted file!

From: vikram . shevde
Subject: moved cvs tag still contains deleted file!
Date: 18 Oct 2006 12:32:16 -0700
User-agent: G2/1.0

Calling all cvs gurus,

My team maintains a J2EE app and we use CruiseControl to make our
builds. Since we give out a maintenance release every month, I use a
moving cvs tag "production-release-<version number>" to keep track of
the latest code for the release. The Cruisecontrol build moves this tag
every night during our nightly builds, using the "cvs tag -F <tag name>
<module name>" command.

My problem is this: Suppose a file "" is added today. Tonites
build will tag it as "production-release-2". Say we delete this file
tomorrow as we no longer need it. Tomorrow nights build will move this
"production-release-2" tag up using "cvs tag -F". However, if someone
checks out "production-release-2" tag the day after, they will still
get "" in the checked out code, even when its been deleted.

i have read about using "cvs rtag -a -F <tag name", or trying "cvs rtag
-d <tag name>" followed by "cvs tag -F <tag name", but am not sure
whats the right way. Can someone please help?


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