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Re: clarification / issue on CVS over SSH.

From: gsm . beamon
Subject: Re: clarification / issue on CVS over SSH.
Date: 1 Nov 2006 20:59:39 -0800
User-agent: G2/1.0

> > Here is my first question. One needs to place the .ssh/authorized_keys2
> > file on the server box. But under which user?
> The user that you're going to be logging on as.
No kidding. But that wasn't the question was it? Answer: NO.

> > 4. On local box, configure CVS to access remote repository
> >
> >     export CVS_RSH=ssh
> >     export CVSROOT=":ext:address@hidden:/var/cvsroot"
> The "root" in CVSROOT is the user you're logging on as.  You should
> *NEVER* run CVS as root (or anything else, for that matter, unless you
> absolutely have to).  The sole exception is when you run it from
> [x]inetd.conf for pserver access.
Again, no kidding. I knew something was up.

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