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Re: cvs update new directories

From: yh
Subject: Re: cvs update new directories
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 21:30:32 +1100
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Thanks Larry, but what made the local copy could not see and update a new added directory which is not empty and indeed in CVS repository? The new directory (I have checked) is in following CVS repository:

NetowkrModule -
               |- src-|
               |      |- Rtc (a newly added directory)
               |            |- rtc.c
               |            |- Makefile

I did the following command to the local copy:

[LocalCopyNetworkModule/src]# cvs -f update

Nothing happen! No Rtc directory is under the src of the local copy, no Rtc in Entries or Entries.Log either.

You can see that the Rtc is not an empty directory, even with cvs -P should not prevent from checking out this directory. I don't believe it is a CVS bug, but it is a myth to me, I could not explain what was going on either. Does that mean our CVS repository has serious problems? If yes, how can I debug and fix it?

Thank you.


Larry Jones wrote:
address@hidden writes:

thing I could not undstand was there were to Entries, one is Entries and
another is a new Entries.Log in the CVS directory (which I don't have the
Entries.Log in my copy). Why the CVS server created another Entries.Log?

Entries.Log is an optimization to allow incremental updates to Entries
without having to completely rewrite it each time.  Eventually, Entries
is rewritten with all the changes and Entries.Log is deleted.  For more
details, see the manual:


-Larry Jones

These findings suggest a logical course of action. -- Calvin

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