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Start pserver without root

From: ebmb
Subject: Start pserver without root
Date: 7 Nov 2006 03:29:39 -0800
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 Hello All,
 I'd like to know how can to start the cvs pserver, but I don't have
access to root (superuser).

 I performed the compilation (cvs version 1.11.22 client/server) with
prefix option (e.g: make install prefix=.). The CVSROOT were setup and
cvs was started with:

host> setenv CVSROOT /dir/cvsroot
host> ./cvs -t -f -d /dir/cvsroot init

, but when I tried the following command I got an error:

host> ./cvs -t -f -d /dir/cvsroot pserver

cvs [pserver aborted]: bad auth protocol start:

 -> Lock_Cleanup()

 How can I resolve it???

 Thanks in advance,

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